1. We generally don’t provide toiletries .i.e. soap ,shampoo ,paste,
shower cap etc in the washrooms ,except toilet papers and hand wash. Please carry your own as per your requirement .
2. Every visitors has to wash used utensils during the stay by his or her own . It will be a contribution towards responsible ecotourism . Although , we shall be available to assist and take care of differentiable, ,senior citizens (+65),visitors having health issues and the children below the age of 7 yrs ( red flag visitors).
3. We suggest to carry the minimum luggage as light as it's possible . It will make the journey much happier . Please feel free to carry your own luggage. Although , porter help is available for red flagged visitors.

4. We do hard work to make your stay memorable and comfortable . To make it possible, we request to our each visitor that, kindly feel free to carry the following itmes while visit to the anatta:

  • Torch - chargeable/ battery operated
  • Toothpaste and brush
  • Soap ,shampoo ,shower cap and other toiletries as per own requirement.
  • Small First aid kit
  • Towels
  • Napkins
  • A pair of light weight sleepers
  • Umbrella or poncho/ rain coat, especially during the monsoon season and between Dec 15-Jan 31.

We have organic kitchen gardens around our site . If you are interested, then please consult the care taker and feel free to enjoy working in the gardens . It will add a very good moment and experience to "cook-for-yourself" in the middle of garden at the garden kitchen- deck

6. Visitors can pluck and use any produce as salad direct from the organic gardens at the premises of Anatta, in consultation with the care taker.
7. All eatables which we provides our visitors are being cooked by locally grown organic produce of village farmer .hence, please appreciate freshness and healthy contents of the items rather to prefer taste .
7. Children and locals residents of the village usually come to the place without any restriction . Although your safety has been secured by us ,so please feel free to speak with them to learn, listen from them about their experiences of living in country side, learnings and experience . An "evening pathsahala" is being organised twice in a week for rural children free of cost by us , anyone can contribute through talks, interactions and any other way towards rural shiksha.